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Shotgun Cartridge Reloading Components

Reload and shoot more for less!

We specialise in small gauge fibre wads, now lubricated with FES Eco-Wax.
If you are looking for something different to those listed e.g. wool felt wads then please ask.

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Why reload?
Powder, Primers - Price List.
Lead Shot -
Price List
Non-toxic Shot

Wads, cards, obturators and discs: 
12ga - Price List.

    20ga, 28ga and .410cal - Price List.
    28ga Evo Fibre Wads & Cards.
   .410 Evo Fibre Wads & Cards.

Primed cases & Cartridge Boxes - Price List
Cork Fillers/Packers - Price List. 
Tooling - Round Edge & Roll Crimp Tools etc.

Lee Slug Moulds.

Lee Load-all.

SIMPLY reloading press.
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Delivery Charges and Order Information.
Suggested Loads  - case, powder, wads, shot.
Frequently Asked Questions

Proof report, why and what example.

Shot Maker.
Gualandi Products (wads/card & load data tables).

B&P Wads.

B&P Charge lead/wads heights.
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Non Toxic Wads.

English Shot Sizes.

Brief History of Shot Making.
Powder Burn rates table.

Interesting high speed video of shot leaving the barrel.
In Italian - B&P the Italian story of powder & shotshells - stick with it, some interesting insight to powder and  cartridge production.
Ballistics what its mean to the gun in the field


Prices/specification are subject to change without notice.
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