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With the game season now at a close it is the time to focus on the best game bird their is the Wood Pigeon!
so a few spring offers to help you shoot more for less.





Beginners Starter Reloading Pack 12ga 2.3/4" (70mm) - Great Value.

These reloading packs are designed to get you up and running for the bare minimum cost,
reloading fast quality cartridges ideal for decoying pigeons.
Supplied with powder & shot bushes (1) configured ready to use.

Available in 30gm plastic wad or 32gm fibre wad (other options may be available if required please ask).

Each pack includes a Lee Load-All II, 500gm of powder, primers 616, 10kg lead shot and plastic or
fibre wads as per your choice and a 12ga **spinner for better quality crimp (**bench drill required). 

Plastic wad kit loads 330 30gm cartridges, Fibre wad kit loads 310 32gm cartridges.    

Kit Collect +Delivered (excluding powder)
Plastic Wad Only 157.00 Only 151.00
Fibre Wad Only 160.00 Only 154.00

*Delivered and then possibly buy your CSB5 locally (ask for details).

Each pack requires the purchaser to supply used 2.3/4" (70mm) 12ga cases.
We included the spinner as most who buy a lee load-all end up buying one. 

(1) We may modify the shot bush to give your chosen shot dose rather than the natural dose the bush would throw.
e.g. 1oz bush to throw 30gm and 1.1/8oz to throw 32gm. 

We do recommend the use of a set of digital scales to verify ongoing the powder and shot dose. 
Scales Only
12.99 (note actual set may be different from that shown).

(+delivery most of mainland UK). 


Fibre Envirowad Driving Wads and Diana Over Powder cards.

12ga 17mm Wads and 4mm Over Powder Cards.

1000 of each, Only 31.50 (normal price 36.00).

Typical use 32/34gm lead shot -  perfect fibre load for the pigeons with CSB3 powder.


Gualandi 12ga "Super G" h22mm wads.

Unbeatable quality plastic Wad for hunting or clay pigeon shooting.

Pre-set fracture cup with four parts anchored to the Wad. Unbeatable for its excellent ballistic performance.
Perfect for a budget 28gm clay load or 30gm pigeon load with CSB5 powder (lead shot).

Only 16.50 per 1000 (normal price 19.00).

Rio type G1000 209 shotgun cartridge Primers.

Only 142.50 per 5000 (normal price 150.00). 

(delivery most of mainland UK 10.50) 


12ga Cheddite 3" (76mm) CX2000 primed red cases   

Only 130.00 per 2000 or 72.00 per 1000 

Delivery most parts of the UK 12.00 per 2000 or 10.50 per 1000



12ga UEE 2.3/4" (70mm) UEE688 primed black cases, 16mm brass head.

Only 45.00 per 1000 

Delivery most parts of the UK 12.00 per 2000 or 10.50 per 1000


Fiocchi 616 Primers

"loose" Per tray of 800 24.00  (equivalent to only 30.00 per 1000). 

(Note old silver coloured primers shown in picture actual supplied will be the new technology copper colour)

Regret collect or meet-up only.

All offers whilst stocks last.

We frequently change these offers so visit again soon.


(E&OE).  March 2018

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