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12gauge Double Based Powder.

We have a limited quantity of a nice 12gauge double based powder with load data for

24gm to 36gm lead shot.   

e.g. 1.30gm for 2.3/4" 32gm plastic wad load.

Only 37.00 per kg, whilst stocks last.


Maxam A21 plastic wads, Only 18.00 per 1000 when purchased with the above powder.

giving an excellent value 32gm pigeon cartridge.

Regret collect only


Maxam A19 plastic wads - 34 to 36gm Lead shot Load.

76.00 per box 4,000 

Delivery most UK mainland postcodes 12.00


Gualandi Magnum H40 .410 Wads.

For 16 to 18gm of lead shot in a 76mm (3") case.

Limited quantity, Per 1000 Only 15.00



We frequently change these offers so visit again soon.


(E&OE).  April 2021

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