Folkestone Engineering Supplies.


"For the serious reloader"

Manufacture in Italy and available in 
12ga, 20ga, 28ga or .410 

No better quality home reloading machine bar none Now for new or used cases.

Unique feature compared to other makes of reloading press is the rotating spinner used for closing the case 
(as used in commercial cartridge loading machines)
together with quality powder and shot dispensers -  Simply brilliant!

We have a demonstration machine available in 12ga, 20ga, 28ga or .410 for customers to try.  

For full details, including video please see link below.


Flexible with options for 12ga to .410 using two or three tool stations to close the case.
Used cases need to be re-sized and re-primed prior to reloading and OMV offer "Calibrator" to compliment the simply press. Video 

Combine the two for home loading heaven, high speed loading using either new primed cases or used cases.