Folkestone Engineering Supplies


12ga 28gm(1oz) Slug and wad. 

Perfect for practical shotgun - when long range shot accuracy counts
(50meter group shown).
Why compromise at this price?

Only 32.00 per 100 or 17.50 per 50 

Slug with self-adjusting plastic wad, Suitable for any choke including full choke.
Also sold by some suppliers as Cervo Slug (or thug slug) for a considerable higher price.


GAEP Slug spinner, rolls the case mouth to hold the slug. 
No need to use a transparent disc/card or star close the case. 
Requires a new case or the old crimp to be cut away from a used/fired case.

48.00 complete with free arbor/shank.

No certificate required to purchase these items -  However Section 1 (FAC) required to own or shoot slug cartridges.