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Primers & CSB5, CSB3, PSB+2SP, SP3, Ramshot Enforcer, BA10

We are very pleased to be able to offer Maxam powders.

Founded in 1872 by Alfred  Nobel, so a long tradition of manufacturing powders (propellants). 
These are modern propellants delivering high velocities which are also economical to use and clean burning. 
Hence they are used by many leading cartridge manufactures like, Eley Hawk, Rio, SAGA and GB to name a few. 
They also perform well in a wide range of metallic cartridges e.g. 38special.

Whilst Maxam offer several different powders we have, after carefully consideration, selected the ones that we consider best fit the 
requirements of the home loader seeking high velocity clean burning quality cartridges in both plastic and fibre wads. 
Loading cartridges for clay, vermin or game that deliver further enjoyment to the pursuit of the chosen quarry.  

These powders are not new to the UK home loader and so we would, very much welcome any load data that customers may wish to share
 with us for inclusion on our website.

CSB5   Excellent for clay or light game loads (very similar to Vectan AS). 
            Powering 21gm-30gm in 12ga, 21gm in 20ga and 15gm in 28ga. 

CSB3    Offering smooth performance at high velocity ideal for clay or game, economical.
             Powering 28gm-34gm in 12ga, 28gm in 16ga and 24gm in 20ga.

PSB+2SP(special) The heavy hitter giving smooth performance at high velocity ideal for all demanding uses. 
                           Powering 36gm-42gm in 12ga, 34gm in 16ga, 28gm-31gm in 20ga and 21gm-24gm in 28ga.

                          Note, loads specified are for lead shot.



Please see example load data for Shotgun/Rifle & Pistol cartridges