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F.E.S Gift Voucher

Following feedback for our customers we have introduced gift vouchers, so no more socks or handkerchiefs for Christmas, birthdays etc.

Price: 10.00 - 100.00

Vouchers can be used against any (legal, FAC, SGC if required) purchase within our shop.


Maxam 12ga Wads (A24, A21 & A19)

Outstanding value and quality 12ga wads.

MAXAM uses the best raw materials and an advanced treatment procedure to maintain perfect plasticity
of its wads in order to obtain the best results in any shooting discipline achieving the following set of qualities:

- Softens recoil.
- Ideal point of collapse.
- Guarantees sealing of gases for optimal compression rate.

Only 19.00 per 1000 or 72.00 per box of 4,000


28ga Fibre driving wads 18mm length.

Similar to Diana wads

24.00 per 1000 13.00 per 500 2.80 per 100


Loading 410 but unable to get SP3 locally?
So looking for a competitively priced 410 powder?

Ramshot Enforcer to the rescue!
The same as Accurate 4100 (see below) and stocked by a lot of gun shops.

Sent: Tuesday, February 06, 2018 5:45 PM

Subject: RE: Ramshot: Contact Us - General

That is the load data that we have for the .410. And yes Ramshot Enforcer and Accurate 4100 are the same powder.

Don W.

See load data for example loads (also a great magnum pistol powder).

Available nationally from most gun shops RRP 39.00 per 1lb (454gm) 


Maxam GDB111 Rifle Reloading Powder (double based).

Quality powder.

Suitable for a range of calibers .223Rem, .243Win, .270Win, .308Win, .30-06Sprinfield

37.00 per 500gm

Download Load Data


Wad slitting tool by GAEP.

Available in 8ga to .410 and 3,4 or 5 slits into the plastic wads.
Max depth of Cut 55 mm.



Digital Scales.

Ideal for measuring powder and shot dose.

Only 12.99 (note actual set may be different from that shown).


21st June 2019