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Metalic Cartridge loading - Rifle, Pistol.


Maxam GDB111 Rifle Reloading Powder (double based).

Suitable for a range of calibers .223Rem, .243Win, .270Win, .308Win, .30-06Sprinfield

Only 37.00 per 500gm - Maxam quality at a great price.

For comparison we have tested 24grains of both GDB111 and Reloder 10x
in a few .223Rem with a 50gn Barnes Varmint Grenade bullet over my CED chronograph

24grains was chosen as it sit's within the range for both types of powder so offered a useful velocity comparison test as follows:- 

3161 fps with GDB111  
3179 fps with Reloder 10x

So showing great potential and accuracy was good.

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We can also supply:-

Bullets by Fiocchi, PPU, Sierra, Nosler and Hornady,

Cases by PPU. 

Reloading equipment by LEE.


Please ask.