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F.E.S Zeroing Range  - Available Soon.

New idea, if such a facility appeals to you then please get in touch we are always happy to hear from you, your comments are important to us. Tell us what you would like and we will try and help e.g. would a chronograph be useful and if we allowed center fire would on site reloading equipment be useful? 

Authorised persons are most welcome to use our facility to zero their rifles on our rifle range near Denton. 

Currently limited to airguns, .22rf, .22wmr .17hmr, .17wsm, .17mach2 with sound moderator. 

  1. Any Firearm you whish to use must be entered on your own FAC

  2. You must show your FAC is endorsed with the authority to shoot "over land" with the firearm i.e an "open ticket".

  3. You must show you have insurance such as BASC. 

  4. All firearms must be fitted with a sound moderator (which must be entered on your FAC).

  5. Only paper targets are to be used (steel targets may soon be available).

Under Absolutely no circumstances are you to shoot at any other type of target (unless agreed with us) 
or in any other direction other than at the backstop or from any position other than from the benches supplied. 

Authority to shoot is only granted for the agreed period to zero your rifle and is not consent to shoot 
outside that period.

Targets available currently up to 100mtrs distance.

This facility is available on the third Saturday of each month between May and September 10.00am to 4pm
by appointment only at 10 first hour, 5 additional hours.

A covered firing point is available should the weather require it. Access best by 4x4 vehicle if wet.

To book please phone 01303 894611 

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