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We offer the service of receiving Air guns or firearms section 1 or 2 from another RFD.

Charge for this service is 20.00 for firearms (section 1 or 2) and 10 for non-FAC air guns. 

Transfers for section 1 or 2 firearms will only be conducted as per the authorised transfer process
as detailed by BASC below

Process summary: you must post your certificate to the seller to write the transfer onto the certificate then the gun must be sent via an RFD to us for face to face collection. Any payments must be direct to the seller and RFD sending the firearm. 

We are able to receive the firearm Monday to Thursday with prior agreement.

All firearms must be collected within fourteen days of receipt or an additional 5.00 per week storage charge may apply,
firearms not colleted after three months will be disposed off.



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