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.22" Rimfire rifles

ANSCHUTZ - Quality

Bolt Action

A009980  1416 D HB Walnut classic - 23" Heavy Barrel    736.99

A009991UK 1417-U2 G UK Walnut TH Stock threaded 14" carbine 795.99

All Anschutz rifles available please see

RUAG  web site for all products.


CZ rifles also available .17hmr, .22rf etc. 
e.g. CZ 455 American synthetic stock 16" barrel in .22lr 385.00

Remington 700 SPS Varmint Synthetic stock 26" barrel (223, 22/250, 243 308) 
Remington 700 SPS 20" barrel (223,243 308) 
Remington 700 SPS Tactical 20" barrel (223) 
Remington 700 SPS Tactical 16.5" barrel (223) 
Remington 700 VTR  22" barrel (223)
Remington 783 SYN  (With 3-9 x 40mm Scope) 22" barrel (223, 22/250, 243,270,30/06,300Win)

Phone or email for best price.

All Remington rifles and shotguns available. 
All Marlin XT (.22LR/.17HMR) rifles available. 

Other makes of rifles and shotguns available to order and scopes etc.
Please contact us with the make & model you required and we will be pleased quote even if no sale results.  

12ga Over & Under Shotguns available from 399.99 (Baikal 27EM-M-1C)

e.g. Bergara, Benelli, Bettinsoli, Browning, Marlin, Mossberg, Baikal, Berretta, Winchester, Miroku, Revo,
Remington, ATA Arms, Steyr, Weatherby, Sako, Tikka, CZ, Remington, Ruger, Weihrauch, Yiltiz and Uberti Black Powder Revolvers.

All section 1 and 2 firearms require a valid licence to purchase

Great performance and quality, Hausken Sound Moderators are manufactured in Norway in hard-anodised, high quality aluminum for durability. 
Each suppressor has two main parts. The baffles are machined from a solid aluminum bolt. The outer-casing is produced in either aluminum or titanium, depending upon the caliber.
FAC entry required - collect only.

MD45   .22/.222/.223/.22-250   128.95

*MD35   .17HMR cal or .22rf cal  94.95

*Prices includes Barrel nut for 1/2" x 20UNF 
others threads plus 10.00 for MD35.

M 131
M 141 
M 141,5
M 151
M 161
M 181
UNF -20
UNEF -28

For full product range including .243, .270, .308 please see 


Prices subject to change without notice, e&oe.

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