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Night Vision Optics

XM22,XM30 & XM30S

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UL-77424 Axion Key XM22
PUL-77425 Axion Key XM30
PUL-77423 Axion XM30S


New Products for 2020: Pulsar Axion XQ38 & LRF XQ38

We are delighted to announce that Pulsar are releasing two new Axion models for 2020, the XQ38 & LRF XQ38!

These two new thermal monoculars offer increased performance, with the Axion LRF XQ38 being Pulsars first thermal monocular with a built-in laser rangefinder. The 1000m laser rangefinder is accurate to +/- 1m and can be used in either Single Measurement Mode (press the button and take a measurement) or Scan Mode (constant measurements wherever the rangefinder is pointed).

Both models have an improved battery release and come with APS5 battery packs (PUL-79181) and chargers (PUL-79182).

Brief Specifications

 Item Name:  Axion XQ38  Axion LRF XQ38
 Item Code:  PUL-77427  PUL-77428
 SRP (Inc. VAT)*:  1,839.95  2,129.95
 Thermal Sensor:  384x288 17m <40mK NETD  384x288 17m <40mK NETD
 Frame Rate:  50Hz  50Hz
 Display:  1024x768 AMOLED  1024x768 AMOLED
 Magnification:  3.5x 14.0x (x4 zoom)  3.5x 14.0x (x4 zoom)
 Field of View:  9.8  9.8
 Detection Range*:  1350m  1350m
 Rangefinding:  Stadiametric Rangefinder  Laser Rangfinder (1000m 1m Accuracy)

*Please note that pricing is not confirmed and is subject to change.

Please visit our website to see the full specifications of the New Axion XQ38 & LRF XQ38 models.


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