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Why Fiocchi? - Big brand; big on quality, range and fantastic price!

Fiocchi produce a very popular range of excellent quality cartridge's offering proven results from club
to competition use and a range of dedicated game cartridge's to suit all needs - All at a very competitive price.

Fiocchi Litespeed

Fiocchi Litespeed 26gram 8 (2.2mm) shot.

On average, 31 more pellets than a 28gram 7 (2.3mm)
(70mm case) and  25 meters per second faster than TT One 28gram.
3% Antinomy lead shot,1450fps MV, great Club cartridge at a great price.

Fibre Wad Only 198.00 Per 1000 50.00 per 250




Price per 



  12 Gauge    
  LiteSpeed 26gm Fibre Wad (70mm), 1450fps F 8 198.00 50.00
  TT One 28gm Fibre Wad    (67mm)
  3% Antinomy lead shot, nice Club cartridge. 1425fps MV
F 7.5, 8,9 



  FBLACK 28gm Fibre Wad   (70mm) 
  5% Antinomy lead shot, competition cartridge. 1450fps MV
F 8 248.00 62.00
  Pigeon 32gm Fibre Wad    (67mm) 1410fps MV F 6 240.00


  20 Gauge

  TT One  24gm Fibre Wad  (70mm) 1400fps MV F 7.5 257.00 65.00
  GFL .410 2.1/2" 11gm Plastic Wad  (67mm) P 6 237.00 60.00

  Magnum 3" 18gm Plastic Wad        (76mm) 


290.00  73.00   
per 50  
  9mm Garden Gun *in stock 6 15.00
  *Below currently to order:- 
  12 Gauge  
  FBLACK 24gm Plastic Wad (70mm) 
  5% Antinomy lead shot, competition cartridge.  1450fps MV
P 7.5 220.00 55.00
  FBLACK 28gm Plastic Wad (70mm) 
  5% Antinomy lead shot, competition cartridge. 1450fps MV
P 7.5 235.00 59.00
  FBLACK Sporting 28gm Plastic Wad (70mm) 
  5% Antinomy lead shot, competition cartridge. 1450fps MV
P 8 235.00 59.00
  Pigeon 32gm Plastic Wad (67mm) 1410fps MV P 6 235.00


  Highland Game 32gm Fibre  Wad (67mm)   F 5 or 6 290.00 73.00
  PL32 32gm Plastic Wad (67mm)   P 5 or 6 273.00 69.00

  20 Gauge

  GFL25   25gm Fibre Wad (Game) (67mm) 1400fps F 6 275.00 69.00
  GFL28   28gm Fibre Wad (Game) (70mm) 1400fps F 5,6 283.00 71.00


All Fiocchi cartridges (full list) available to *order - Please call for price/advice.

* non stocked items may require a deposit prior to ordering.

Clay shooting magazine Fiocchi cartridges review

.17 HMR

CCI .17HMR Game Point 20gr S/P   18.95 per 50

CCI .17HMR FMJ 20gr (small game)  18.95 per 50




.223Rem and .308Win

Fiocchi quality, commercial ammo, Not NATO military surplus.

.223Rem 55grs FMJ 
ideal for target use.

43.95 per *100 or 24.95 per 50

Extrema .223Rem 50gr V-Max PT BT Rifle Ammo

Ballistic tip ammo excellent performance, perfect for fox.

46.50 per 50 or 19.00 per 20 

.308Win 147gr FMJ ideal for target use.

23.29 per box of 20  or 110.00 per 100 


.38Spl (S&W) 158gr LRN GZN

Ideal for indoor ranges as special coating on the lead bullet
to reduce air pollution.

14.50 per 50



In the unlikely event that you have found any Fiocchi  cartridges/ammo cheaper locally elsewhere?  Then we will price match if we can -  just ask.
Ammunition and Cartridges will only be supplied to certificate holders and must be presented at the time of purchase. Cartridges and Ammunition are cash, cheque or bank transfer only.
Payment by "plastic" be that credit or debit card is not accepted.

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