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Changes to credit/debit ("plastic") card payments from the 13th January 2018 

(due new EU law on surcharges).

Are goal is to keep prices as low as possible for our customers and as such inline with a lot of other business we have been passing on the banking charges associated with using "plastic" for the few customers choosing that method of payment for cartridges and ammunition, which are high value items but very small profit.
However from the 13th January 2018 new EU legislation will make it illegal to pass on these charges. 
Rather than increasing prices for all customers. We have with regret, concluded that as from the 
1st January 2018 we will no longer accept payment by "plastic" for cartridges or ammunition.

Payment accepted by cash, cheque or bank transfer Only.

Thank you for you support and understanding.

Italian ammunition maker.- The Italians are prolific cartridge makers and supply a  lot of
components used by UK cartridge manufactures e.g. Locatelli for shot.
Why Fiocchi?

Fiocchi produce a very popular range of quality cartridge's offering proven results from club
to competition use and a range of dedicated game cartridge's to suit all needs - All at a very competitive price.

TT One - Excellent Club level Clay Cartridge.

UK shot size, unlike other continental manufacturers.

"TT One" cartridges are an excellent quality budget price Club level cartridges, made with 3%  antinomy hardened shot. In 12ga available in #7.5 (2.3mm) , #8(2.2mm) and #9 (2.0mm) shot size all at the same price. Unlike most UK manufactured budget cartridges that are only available in #7.5



Price per 

Price per 250

Price per 50  

  12 Gauge  
  TT One 28gm Fibre Wad    (67mm) 7.5, 8 



  FBLACK 28gm Fibre Wad   (70mm) 8 225.00 58.00
  Pigeon 32gm Fibre Wad    (67mm) 6 235.00


  20 Gauge

  TT One  24gm Fibre Wad  (70mm) 7.5 242.00 64.00
  GFL .410 2.1/2" 11gm Plastic Wad  (67mm) 6 219.00 56.00

  Magnum 3" 19gm Plastic Wad         (76mm)


269.00 69.00
  9mm Garden Gun 6 14.80
  *Below currently to order:-
  12 Gauge  
  Pigeon 32gm Plastic Wad (67mm) 6 220.00


  20 Gauge

  GFL25   25gm Fibre Wad (Game)       (67mm) 6,7 252.00 65.00
  GFL28   28gm Fibre Wad (Game)       (70mm) 5,6,7 260.00 67.00

All Fiocchi cartridges (full list) available to *order - Please call for price/advice.

Clay shooting magazine Fiocchi review

And a very nice YouTube video showing the Fiocchi factory making a Fiocchi cartridge 
(if the link fails google "Fiocchi shoot off youtube").

Shoot Off - YouTube

Fiocchi .22LR Subsonic HP 38gr 950FPS 

Again great value and quality at this price perfect bunny basher.

For comparision reveiw with Eley,RWS,Winchester and Remington see youtube 

4.20 per 50, 8.20 per 100 or 40.00 per 500


Best in bolt  action rifles.

4.20 per 50, 8.20 per 100 or 40.00 per 500


CCI Standard .22LR

40gn LRN 1070 ft/sec

Good general Club target shooting ammo.

4.20 per 50, 8.10 per 100 or 40.00 per 500


.17 HMR

CCI .17HMR Game Point 20gr S/P   18.95 per 50

CCI .17HMR FMJ 20gr (small game)  18.95 per 50

Hornady V-Max 17gr  19.85 per 50

.223Rem and .308Win

Fiocchi quality, commercial ammo, Not NATO military surplus.

.223Rem 55grs FMJ 
ideal for target use.

48.95 per 100 or 26.50 per 50

Extrema .223Rem 50gr V-Max PT BT Rifle Ammo

Ballistic tip ammo excellent performance, perfect for fox.

46.50 per 50 or 19.00 per 20 

.308Win 147gr FMJ ideal for target use.

19.95 per box of 20  

.38Spl (S&W) 158gr LRN GZN

Ideal for indoor ranges as special coating on the lead bullet
to reduce air pollution.

14.50 per 50


All cartridges and ammunition are collect only.
Ammunition and Cartridges will only be supplied to certificate holders and must be presented at the time of purchase.

Cartridges and Ammunition are cash, cheque or bank transfer only.
Payment by "plastic" be that credit or debit card is not accepted.

Prices/specification are subject to change without notice.

Local Rifle Club? bulk discounts available on -  Fiocchi, RWS, Geco, CCI, Eley

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January 2018